MJ – The Life Story of Michael Jackson at Neil Simon Theatre

MJ - The Life Story of Michael Jackson Tickets

Neil Simon Theatre | New York City, New York

Micheal Jackson was a a hero in the music industry and had a career filled with number one hits. Now his tale centered around his 1992 Dangerous World Tour will be shown live on stage at Neil Simon Theatre on Sunday 4th June 2023. This excellent musical will have you crying, inspired and cackling at the same time. It is that good but when the show is done you will a have totally different outlook about MJ. Tickets will sell out very quickly for this one, but we do have some right now, be sure to buy yours today!

MJ - The Life Story of Michael Jackson at Neil Simon Theatre

Have you ever wondered how it must have been like to live Michael Jackson's life? Why did fans regard him as the "King of Pop," and what made him a part of the the artists with the most record sales and the highest level of appreciation in history? Well MJ, The theatrical event that is based on a memoir by Lynn Nottage, who has won the Pulitzer Prize twice, has all the essential qualities that will take you through a gripping journey of the singer's highs and lows. The musical’s focal point is set during the Dangerous World Tour of 1992.

You are going to really like the wonderful imagery that is the hallmark of MJ. In addition to this, the ensemble will perform all the most popular songs, including "Beat It," "Billie Jean," and "Thriller," which are guaranteed to get your toes tapping.
Given that the production values are of such a high caliber and that the cast are so spectacular, it is only natural that tickets will sell quickly. This is your only chance to reserve them before someone else beats you to it. Be sure to buy them right now.

MJ - The Life Story of Michael Jackson at Neil Simon Theatre

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