The Cher Show at Neil Simon Theatre

The Cher Show Tickets

Neil Simon Theatre | New York City, New York

Ever look at a live event like this and wish you were there?! Well now you can be, tickets are NOW available for the unmissable The Cher Show as it takes place at Neil Simon Theatre on Thursday 31st January 2019! Here’s your chance to be in the crowd! Don't be alone, grab a couple friends to join you and make this a truly great time!

The Cher Show at Neil Simon Theatre

The top-of-mind venue for anything that showcases entertainment is Neil Simon Theatre . Folks from all over New York go all the way to Manhattan to catch the latest and the best Theatre event in town. One highly anticipated event is The Cher Show. On Thursday 31st January 2019, doors of the Neil Simon Theatre will swing wide open to welcome audiences from various parts of New York who are raring to catch The Cher Show on the live stage. With rave reviews all over, it will surely break box office records once again. Expect tickets to be in high demand and seats to be taken swiftly. Get your tickets now!

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